Synaps Proof of Personhood

Protect your community from Sybil attack

A lightning fast, privacy-preserving solution which prevents the presence of bots and duplicate users within your community

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Proof of Personhood

Keep bots and duplicate users at bay

Enable your users to prove their Personhood while maintaining full privacy.

Simple and lightning fast

Synaps' frictionless user experience enables your users to verify their Personhood quickly and effortlessly. Onboarding begins with a simple facial scan known as a liveness session through the device's camera. Our technology will validate that your users are real persons in just a matter of seconds.


Your users' personal data is kept private! Through our liveness session, a privacy-preserving encrypted vector graph called a Face Graph will be generated as the basis of the user's Proof of Personhood. It contains no biometric data and cannot be used to recreate the user's face.


Your users can decentralize their PoP in Synaps's dID protocol named Anima. When needed, they can instantly share their PoP (Proof of Personhood) on your platform to instantly prove their Personhood and uniqueness to access your services.

Sybil attack resistance

Proof of Personhood (PoP): building trust based communities

Proving one's personhood or humanity is key to unlocking the trust necessary to build reliable, secure and ethical communities. Our PoP solution is the first step towards growing trust based communities, on which efficient reputation systems can be built.

Illustration that shows a community.

Democratic governance models

In distributed governance models, democratic outcomes are threatened when people use bots to manipulate voting outcome. To combat this, PoP helps communities promote a fair democratic ecosystem by transitioning to a 1-human-1-vote system. It achieves this by significantly raising the cost of fraud through tying one's identity and ressources to a private key they control.

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Proof of Personhood: new reward models

Fair reward systems

Economic levers to grow your community like airdrops and other rewards are often abused by malicious actors using bots to claim multiple allocations. These disingenuous actors harm project and community success. Our PoP solution guarantees a fair and safe system by rewarding real and honest community members which creates increased engagement and a healthier community.

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Key metrics

Our Proof of Personhood solution benefits


time of submission


Proof of Personhood created


uniqueness validation reliability rate


privacy preserving

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

Ease you identification process

Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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