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Seamless and secure customer onboarding

Offer the best and simpler verification process to your customers and comply with the regulations painlessly.

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Know Your Customer

Smooth onboarding experience for Web3

A secure identity verification process makes the crypto industry a safer place for everyone.


Forget about long discussions with your current vendor’s support team. Re-check suspicious cases manually using our powerful AI-based toolkit.


Create the onboarding process that meets your business needs. We provide you with the best identity verification features, you build the path that works for you.  


Avoid non-compliance risks. Our comprehensive features and intuitive solution help you get compliant easily so you can free your mind and focus on what matters. 

Reusable KYC

Onboarding that you, and your users, would love

Synaps provide your customers with the best identity verification process. Cherry on the cake : our KYC are reusable

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Quick and easy onboarding from anywhere in the world

Forget endless onboarding process. Your users enjoy a worldwide guided experience . Our solution verifies the credibility of hundreds of different types of international identity documents. 

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Let your users verify their ID once and for all !

Good news : all Synaps' solution are compatible with the Anima DID protocol. It means your users can save their verified digital ID and reuse it whenever they want. Bye bye repetitive KYC ! 

Scale up

We handle this; you handle the rest


Verified on the first try


Languages supported


Get instant verification


Increase in conversion

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

Ease you identification process

Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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