KYB solution by Synaps

Seamless and secure investors onboarding

Provide a smooth verification process for your investors at fundraising events for an improved experience and guaranteed compliance.

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compliant and user-friendly fundraising

A secure investor identification process makes your crypto project a safer adventure for everyone.


Our solution automatically retrieves official documents from company registers. You save time and say goodbye to manual tasks and numerous certified copies of company documents. 


We continuously screen AML database and you can access customized reports in real time, on demand and in the format you want.


Our solution ensures compliance by automatically recording key KYB information in a clear and irrefutable audit trail. 

Reusable KYB

onboarding that you, and your investors, would love

Synaps saves your investors time while ensuring your regulatory compliance with reusable KYB

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improve your investors' satisfaction

Synaps has identified the biggest investors in the crypto market. By using Synaps as KYB providers, these investors will not have to go through the verification process again. 

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towards a more robust ecosystem

Besides the need for compliance, implementing KYB is also a sign of trust for your customers. It is a reflection of the seriousness of your project. 

A KYB solution

to ease your investment in crypto

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projects per year

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

Ease you identification process

Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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