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Proof of Address

Proof of Residence

Enjoy the benefits of address verification and significantly reduce the risk of chargeback fraud. Now you can keep your business 100% compliant and keep fraudsters at bay with our worldwide proof of residency solution. 

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Fraud-busting features built-in

Our savvy software empowers you to make confident business decisions by removing the threat of identity fraud from the equation for good.

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Support that spans the globe

Our address verification solution supports more than 3000 document templates in more than 150 languages from 250 countries. No matter where in the world an address is, we can verify without a doubt whether it exists or not. 

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Two-factor authentication for peace of mind.

The residential information provided by the user is always validated against a secondary user document such as an ID or driver's license. This added layer of authentication is your assurance that you are dealing with a real person and a real address. 

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Various documents accepted

We make it easier than ever for users to provide a valid proof of residence by expanding our list of verifiable documents to include: ID Cards, Passports, Driver’s Licenses, Resident Permit, Utility Bills and Bank Statements.

How it works

3 steps to fast and accurate verification.


Verifying the "when"

We verify that the submitted document has a valid issue date. For the purposes of address verification, the document cannot be more than 3 months old. 


Verifying the "who"


Verifying the "where"

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We check all the boxes so that only real and valid documents are accepted

  • Is the full name of the user mentioned on the document? Is it spelled correctly?

  • Is there evidence that the document has been photoshopped or forged?

  • Is the document older than 3 months?

  • Is the document clear, visible and no folded corners?

  • Does the document display the full address in the correct format?

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

Ease you identification process

Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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