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Phone verification

Implement phone authentification

With a single API, you can now add authentication to any step of your user's journey and prevent fraud before it begins. Don't settle for anything less than global scope and scalability.

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Abstract illustration of the verification code you receive on your mobile phone.

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How it works

2 steps to fast and accurate authentification.

Illustration of a mobile phone receiving a verification code.
Step 1: Start with a verification code

Stay in the know by screening your customers against our comprehensive and up-to-date AML and CTF profiles.

Abstract illustration of a match.
Step 2: Confirm a match

Screen payments made to your business account against live sanction list updates in order to trace suspected fraudulent funds back to their source.

Benefits of utilizing our phone verification feature

No phone number issues

Our verification solution does the hard work for you by automatically establishing the quantity, type and locale of the phone numbers that users submit.

Seamless integration

Our API integrates with your existing sign-up flow, allowing you to collect and validate user phone numbers as part of your regular onboarding process.

Hassle-free global scaling

Our phone verification feature helps you manage previously complex taste like orchestrating multiple APIs and managing country-specific contact pools.


Choose to implement our Phone Verification and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Verify phone using easy-to-use API

    Appeal to users by authenticating them quickly and efficiently through one globally accessible API. TEST

  • Global Coverage

    Now you don't have to go through the effort of using a mobile phone per country. Make just one API call and our smart networking will do the rest for you. TEST

  • Instant verification

    Verify instantly with OTPs sent straight to your phone. 

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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