KYB solutions by Synaps - Corporate verification feature

Corporate verification

Screen your business partners

Get audit-ready documentary evidence at your fingertips and never worry about compliance again. Our information is always accurate and up to date, providing you with all of the details regarding ownership and management that you need to screen your business partners. 

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Abstract illustration of the Synaps review process to verify corporations.

Fraud-busting features built-in

Our savvy software empowers you to make confident business decisions by removing the threat of identity fraud from the equation for good.

Abstract illustration of a filter with multiple verification documents.
Dedicated document collection at you fingertips

Don’t waste valuable company time manually scanning company registries. Our Corporate Verification solution will automatically fetch the official documents from company registries, ruling out the need for certified copies and streamlining a hassle-free process. 

Illustration of the monitoring process.
Ongoing monitoring you can trust

Corporate Verification will continuously screen the listed individuals and businesses in our database for AML adherence, making it easy for you and your business to ensure compliance and avoid any potential money-laundering activity.

Illustration of the report you receive.
Reporting & intelligence to keep you in-the-know

Prove your compliance by using our Corporate Verification solution to automatically record key KYB information in an irrefutably clear audit trail. Our solution is capable of creating customized reports in real time, on demand and in whatever format you need them. 

What we look for when we verify

Government registries

Our real-time access to a variety of international sources of company-related data allows us to uncover data related to company registration numbers and business activities as well as the names of directors and officers. 

Company AML check

We remove the threat of involvement in money-laundering activity by actively screening our database against all AML data including international sanctions, PEPs, watchlists and adverse media.

Corporate documents

Whether you need to access company vitals, investigate control structure or identify shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners, our verification solution will produce the data you need quickly and accurately. 

For whom ?

Who can benefit from using our corporate verification service?

  • Businesses about to enter into a new partnership

  • Merging companies

  • Companies who are seeking proactive ways to avoid AML involvement

  • Businesses expanding their services overseas

  • Restructuring businesses

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Verify your users' identity easily and help build a stronger ecosystem.

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