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AML/CTF Screening

Our Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing solution enables you to cut off your interactions with high-risk contacts before they even begin. By making use of our extensive AML and CTF databases, you will be able to identify high-risk entities and actively prevent potential financial crimes and liabilities.

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Features built with business security in mind

Experience streamlined and efficient AML/CTF Screening and eliminate the risk of getting your business involved in money laundering activities.

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Quick and effective customer screening and monitoring

Stay in the know by screening your customers against our comprehensive and up-to-date AML and CTF profiles.

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Adverse information and media scanning

If it’s in the news, we’ll report it to you. Our AML/CTF Screening solution is fully capable of carrying out FATF-aligned negative news screening for the safety of your business.

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Rapid transaction screening

Screen payments made to your business account against live sanction list updates in order to trace suspected fraudulent funds back to their source.

The details that set our screening solution apart

Quick and convenient batch screening

Don’t waste valuable business hours inputting customers one by one. Simply make use of our time-saving batch screening function to screen your entire customer list at once and identify high-risk individuals within seconds.

AML solutions for businesses

Aside from screening and preventing interactions with unscrupulous individuals, our screening solution is also able to screen and verify business entities as well as conduct background screening of their owners and beneficiaries.

Automated and scheduled AML screening

Now you can maintain perfectly updated risk profiles across your customer database without having to remember to do a manual screening. Simply set up your ideal automated screening schedule via our platform and get your mind back on your business.


Why you and your business will love AML Screening by Synaps

  • AI and automation will make your life easier

    You will gain a myriad of benefits from our advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, which have the capacity to quickly and accurately monitor tens of thousands of news articles, sanction documents and media lists in order to identify financial criminals before they can target your business. What would have taken you weeks to accomplish manually is handled in a matter of seconds by our smart technology.

  • Seamless integration across multiple platforms

    Our integrated dashboard matches up perfectly with ID Verification software, enabling a highly configurable REST API. For you, this translates into double the results with half the effort on your part.

  • Forever flexible search options

    We want your Synaps experience to be one of convenience and flexibility that is curated to your unique business’s needs. You can choose how you want to perform any screening by utilising either our customer portal, REST APIs or time-saving batch screening via CSV uploads.

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