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Trusted digital ID

Synaps verifies identities.

We help our customers and users meet their identity compliance requirements. Synaps offers a tailored identity verification solution to businesses while empowering individuals to set up and share their identity in a few clicks.

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Tailored KYC

KYC by Synaps

A verification flow tailored to your compliance needs

Every companies have different compliance requirements. Synaps offers an easy solution to setup in a few minutes a full verification flow with all the steps you needs to make your business compliant.


Verify identify effortlessly

As a trusted partner we reconcile user experience, data privacy and compliance needs.

Our tailored solution is the easiest way for businesses to meet their ID verification necessities and for individuals to securely share their identity.


Setup in a few minutes a tailored verification flow meeting all your different compliance requirements.


Provide a smooth and efficient identification process to your users. They enjoy the best experience thanks to reusable ID and your conversion rate increases by 30%.


Our solutions allow you to reconcile user satisfaction and compliance in an easy and trusted way.

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Features for all your ID verification necessities



Verify realness by onboarding and authenticating your customers. Unlike Liveness solutions, which offer only basic verification capabilities, GPAs are the far more thorough and secure method of establishing whether or not your business is dealing with a real person.

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An overview of all the features Synaps has to offer.


All-in-one compliance platform

Comprehensive analytics

Determine your business risks at a glance with valueable and efficient insights.

CRM for compliance officers

Easily view your onboarded users with a all-in-one profile overview.

Policy automation and reports

Invite your colleagues to manage different aspects of your corporate compliance.

Easy integration. For real.

  • Seamless integration

    Easily integrate your entire verification flow in a seconds using our Web, Mobile SDK.

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    • JavaScript
    • Android
    • Apple
  • Cloud API

    Interact with Synaps product using our Cloud API. Use it to verify users or to fetch their data.

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  • Fully Customisable

    Make it yours. Synaps allows you to personalize your workflow.

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